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Looking glass design has evolved...

Visit for my new website.

Life is never static and neither am I. The purpose for this website has changed to be more of a portfolio of life, a curriculum vitae of my art, writing, design, photography, educational and personal pursuits. To that end, you can now find the main website at

Saving lessons of the "Past"
There are also many associated websites that I have created over the years that are important to maintain. However, it can be very challenges to migrate complex websites to a new format all at once. And in some cases, migrating them is not the ideal solution since their locations (i.e. how others link to them) is important, in some cases historically so. Therefore, I am leaving them here for as long as they are compatible with current browsers. You'll find the links for those websites being "preserved" here digitally, below.

Moving on to the "Now"
The name - Looking Glass Design - was chosen on a whim back in 1997 because my expatriate life abroad, and then my return to the USA, often had hints of having stepped through the looking glass, or fallen down the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland. So it shouldn't be a big surprise that in revisiting my work of the past decades would lead me to seeing them very differently.

Take a look and decide for yourself. You'll find the updated catalog of my work at I look forward to seeing you there!


See links below for websites that I either created, or facilitated through my design consultancy over the years. These have been archived here in order to preserve their links.

Big Wave

Fiji Coup Archive

Throughout the 2000 coup, International News coverage, commentaries, email accounts of life during the Fiji Coup, beginning May 19th, 2000 through September 2000. (Special Archived Collection)


In 2000, Fiji's government was taken hostage in a putsch, a violent overthrow of the government. Journalism students at the University of the South Pacific were thrust into the vital role to provide accurate coverage. This issue of Wansolwara was taken down by USP when they feared the violence might spill over onto campus. It has been hosted by Looking Glass Design ever since.

Keith Fulmer Woodworking

Keith was my first husband of 30 years. He was an incredible woodworker and woodturner artist who passed away, 9/1/2012. This website was designed to showcase his work when he was still alive. It acts as an archive now.

Fiji Study Tours

Over the years, I have run three overseas study tours for students to the Fiji Islands. The work involved a variety of cross-cultural experiences. Tours were held in 1999, 2001, and 2004. This website has information on the 2001 and 2004 trips.

Disarming Art

This website was published in 1999 and captures the student artwork that was created for the Disarming Democracy project.

Graphic Design Tips

My colleague, Jim Shurter, and I embarked on a project to create a series of podcasts designed to share some basic graphic design tips for students to review at their leisure.

Telling My Story

This website captures some infromation about the Telling My Story (Detroit) project that led to the development of 8 large scale narrative portraits by this artist.

Se(a) Crossings

The full name - Se(a) Crossings: Time in the Midst of the Pressures of Chaos - is the title of the multi-channel/multi-media installation created for my MFA Thesis Exhibition at Michigan State University. This website captures that installation, as well as other work created as part of my MFA studies.