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Looking Glass Design is an online Art & Design portfolio and consultancy featuring the work of Mara Jevera Fulmer and associated artists. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your design project or commissioned art work.

Associate Artists & Media Professionals

Health and Social Research
Educational Media (HASREM)

Patrick Craddock, Educational Media Specialist
Peggy Duncan, Health/Women's Issues Researcher

In HASREM, the consultancy team of Peggy Duncan and Patrick Craddock bring together two important strands of educational, media and research skills. Peggy is an M.A. Graduate from New Zealand with experience in New Zealand and the South Pacific in social science research. Her main areas of focus are in the fields of health and on women's issues. She is currently working in Fiji. Patrick is an educational media producer with over 20 years of experience developing multi-media programs in New Zealand, the South Pacific, Asia and Africa. He is presently working in Radio and Distance Education at The Media Centre of The University of the South Pacific. Both have extensive experience working for educational and NGO clients from around the world and offer their services, combined or individually, towards the development of special projects with media or research needs.To enquire further, contact via email, telephone, fax or snail mail with attention to:

Patrick Craddock, Senior Radio/Audio Producer in Distance Education,
c/o Looking Glass Design
5523 Jerome Lane
Grand Blanc, MI 48439

[Note: Legitmate inquiries will be forwarded to Patrick Craddock in New Zealand.]


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