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Looking Glass Design is an online Art & Design portfolio and consultancy featuring the work of Mara Jevera Fulmer and associated artists. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your design project or commissioned art work.






Train Graffiti

Design Services

This website highlights the design consultancy, writing and artwork created by Mara Jevera Fulmer. While the website is called Looking Glass Design, the design work is a consultancy lead by Ms. Fulmer focusing on graphic design, art, marketing and related services. Invited fellow experts in media and the arts join her on this website to form a consortium of professionals who are highly skilled in their respective crafts.

The incredible growth of the internet has allowed Mara Fulmer/LGD to offer services to and from people from widely different geographic locations, areas of expertise, and experiences. Understanding that the global community has now grown closer by virtue of this phenomenon of the world-wide-web, we offer expertise in visual communications, media and the arts that can cross cultural boundaries and connect the world around us.

Design Services

While all clients are welcome, the following range of services are offered in creative art, design, marketing and education with a focus on cross-cultural areas of interest. Contact Mara Jevera Fulmer for more information on how we can serve you in the development of:

* Marketing and Creative Strategies
* Advertising Design
* Corporate Identity Programs
* Educational & Cultural Project Development & Design
* Exhibit Design & Installation
* Publication Design and Editing
* Illustration and Photography Resources
* Project and Production Management
* website development and design
* website management

See Design Portfolio.

Associate Artists & Media Professionals

Visit our Associates page with links to websites and descriptions of their work.





Media Art

The following media are available for both commercial and fine art applications as determined necessary.

* Print Design
* Illustration
* Website Design
* Animation & Multimedia
* Digital video & audio
* Photography
* Copywriting, research & writing