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This site is maintained in loving memory of Keith E. Fulmer who passed away September 1, 2012. Read more here.
kef Keith Edward Fulmer • July 27, 1958 ~ September 1, 2012 kef

Keith and his wife Mara at their shared Art exhibition in Buckham Gallery, Flint, Michigan, September 2010.

We are saddened to share the news of the passing of our dear husband, father and friend, Keith E. Fulmer, who left this earth peacefully after a 3-month battle with cancer.

While we celebrate his life, creative spirit and love for his woodworking, and family and friends, we contemplate the dearth of his work at the family home for his two grown daughters. Like the proverbial "cobbler's children", there are only a few examples of Keith's work left behind for his children. So we have a small request for you, his patrons and friends, to consider:

Should you ever decide that you no longer wish to keep a piece that Keith has made for you, we would welcome the opportunity to purchase it back. We know that people will often remodel, redecorate, or simply downsize for various reasons. We know you value his work. But, if you have a piece made by Keith and would like to make it available for Keith's family to buy back, please contact his wife, Mara Jevera Fulmer at It would be a very meaningful gesture that would add to the cherished memories that his daughters would have of their talented father. Thank you on behalf of our family, Vinaka vakalevu. ~ Mara




Keith Fulmer was honored with an Award of Excellence from Arts & Apples Arts Festival in Rochester, Michigan, September 2011!

Keith E. Fulmer Memorial
Art & Design Scholarship

“The creative act is not
hanging on, but yielding
to a new creative movement.
Awe is what moves us forward.”
― Joseph Campbell

Contributions can be made to support Keith's legacy by sending (payable) to:

Foundation for Mott Community College
1401 E. Court St.,
Flint, MI 48503
Memo: "Keith Fulmer Scholarship"

Funds will support a worthy Art or Design student who exhibits a passion for combining creativity and artistic expression with function and fine craftsmanship.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact his wife, Mara, at


An Introduction to...

...the beauty of wood,
transformed by the woodworker

The warmth and beauty of natural wood has always been the focus of Keith Fulmer's work, often combining it with other complementary materials such as stone or marble. Crafting from wood for nearly the last two decades, his primary passion is creating cabinetry, furniture and woodturned art with the highest quality materials. His clients agree that his fine woodworking makes a superbly crafted addition to their homes.

From desks to armoires, libraries to kitchen cabinetry, delight in the joy of custommade hand-crafted furniture made especially for you. View the gallery on this website and learn where you may see Keith Fulmer's work on display at fine arts & crafts shows and galleries by visiting the Events section of this website. We look forward to meeting to discuss your next fine woodworking project.



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