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Looking Glass Design is an online Art & Design portfolio and consultancy featuring the work of Mara Jevera Fulmer and associated artists. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your design project or commissioned art work.





This symbol above was designed in response to the 9-11 tragedies that overtook our nation in 2001. Click here to see the variations and to download your own copy. I ask only that you not use it for personal profit, but instead welcome the opportunity to honor the memory of the victims of 9-11.


The following are links to places on the web that we'd like to recommend for a visit. Whether it be for education, research, business or entertainment, these websites have generally stood up to providing useful information. Of course, some are just interesting to look at or read...

Mara Jevera Fulmer & associated websites
Art, Design & Culture
Miscellaneous Websites of Interest

Mara Jevera Fulmer & associated websites

Graphic Tips for Students ~ An ezine with video podcasts on basic tips for graphic design students.

Se(a) Crossings: Time in the midst of the pressures of chaos ~ a multimedia installation and portfolio.

Telling My Story... at the edge of recovery - website on an art exhibit held in 2006 of eight conceptual portraits of women dealing with their recovery from homelessness in Detroit.

Fiji Study Tours ~ 1999, 2001, 2004 educational programs focusing on cross-cultural experiences in the arts and culture of Fiji.

Mara's Blog ~ Blogs, podcasts, commentary and thoughts on art, culture, creativity and attitude.

Keith Fulmer Woodworking ~ A highly creative and fine quality woodturner and woodworker craftsman/artist... even if I AM married to this guy! You'll love his work!

S.E. Fulmer Photography ~ Newly graduated from the University of Hawai'i, Sarah E. Fulmer has an impressive portfolio of artistic and journalistic photography. With a sensitivity for the environment that comes from her extensive studies in marine biology, she exhibits a true artistic vision and appreciation for the subject being portrayed. And yes! I AM the proud mommy of this prominent entry into the photography world!

Anastassia Maia Fulmer Artistry ~ Making her way through the University of Michigan's School of Art & Design is this progeny of fine art talent. She's already gained awards through her drawings and paintings while her portfolio expands into other media including ceramics and now book arts. Watch out world! This second Fulmer art child is taking the world by storm!

Art, Design & Culture

Unique Business Cards: A list of 75 creative business cards for design inspiration.

AdBusters Culture Jammers Headquarters

ANU Art History

ArtLex - Dictionary of Visual Art

Bishop Museum ~ Hawai'i


Center for Pacific Island Studies, University of Hawai'i at Manoa

Corporate Design Foundation

DisArming Art

Detroit Institute of Art

Fiji Museum

National Endowment for the Arts (USA)

National Endowment for the Humanities (USA)

Utrecht Manufacturing Art Supplies

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Miscellaneous Websites of Interest

AccountingForAll.com - Jean Paduano-Teal, CPA & Larry Teal, CPA

Michael Nagle Consulting - Specialists in Corporate Change

Anilox Roll Cleaning Systems (ARCS) - an Environmentally-friendly approach to printing press cleaning

ESCA Industries - Environmentally Safe Cleaning Alternatives

Isabelle's Dream website - An illustrated coloring book, an excellent tool for grief counselors and family members assisting children coping with death. Author's proceeds go towards supporting research on Sudden Unexplained Death Syndrome.

A Senior's Choice - Newly launched business in upstate New York to assist families in finding the appropriate living facilities for their loved one.

Fiji Museum

Consuelo Holzer & Associates

Michigan State University ~ My alma mater for my MFA in Studio Art & Graphic Design.

Mott Community College ~ Yes! This is where I teach and run the graphic design program.

Nokomis Learning Center

Syracuse University ~ My alma mater for my MA in Advertising Design.

University at Albany, SUNY ~ My alma mater for my BA in Photography/Journalism.

University of the South Pacific ~ My former employer in Fiji. Truly includes some great folks to work with...

Worldwide Fund for Nature and (aka World Wildlife Fund),WWF

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