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Symbols of a Prayer for Peace:

Prayer for Peace Prayer for Peace

Prayer for Peace

A Symbol for a Prayer for Peace

This symbol was created as an offering to my fellow Americans and friends from around the world, as citizens of the Earth, and members of the family of humankind. It uses the familiar colors of the American flag and anchors them upon the symbol of Peace. Though battered, they still provide strength and instill pride in our ability, as Americans, to stand tall in the face of adversity. The Peace symbol, ironically, also reflects the shape of a jet airplane, a symbol of our advancement in technology, but also our modern sailing ship, allowing us to reach across the land and across the oceans to share our world with our fellow humans.

But looped through the Flag/Peace symbol is the yellow ribbon, long a symbol of hope for the safe return of Prisoners of War. In a way, we Americans have become captives, if only for a moment in time. But it is with a deep hope for a brighter future that the yellow ribbon holds together our faith in our country and our humanity.

And then there is the date: 9•11. Though dismissed as irrelevant by the popular press and investigators, it is an obvious symbol of distress, an emergency call for help. And so I offer this symbol to the world as an emergency call for Peace, Unity and Compassion. May it inspire us to fulfill this higher calling.

Mara Jevera Fulmer © 2001
September 13, 2001


With the now historical attacks on liberty, life and freedom in the United States, I offer this symbol to my fellow members of the family of humanity, and especially my fellow Americans, as a Prayer for Peace. May it serve as a badge to honor those who have died, and as a symbol of strength that will guide us to strive for a better, more peaceful future...

Feel free to copy it* and share the prayer with others.

In response to requests, I am also providing links to high-resolution PDF files for your use. Click below for the design of your choice. Adobe Acrobat 5.0 or higher is necessary, along with a reasonably high bandwidth connection.

Prayer For Peace Symbol, 1.3 mb

United We Stand w/Symbol, horizontal layout, 2.7 mb

United We Stand w/Symbol, vertical layout, 1.9 mb

*Click and drag the above images to your desktop. Or just click on each to bring up the larger version of the image. These symbols are being offered for NON-PROFIT NON-COMMERCIAL USE ONLY. Please consider making a donation to the American Red Cross for a $1 or more towards their current and future disaster relief efforts.

Designer: Mara Jevera Fulmer © 2001
Created September 13, 2001


Hi-Res Versions

Prayer For Peace Symbol, 1.3 mb

United We Stand w/Symbol, horizontal layout, 2.7 mb

United We Stand w/Symbol, vertical layout, 1.9 mb